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CANPORK is the result of many years of experience in the gourmet charcuterie sector, and a consequence of a passion for innovation and the passion to always offer unique products which help to create culture and, of particular importance, to create pleasure in the mouths of customers and patrons.

CANPORK has 2 formats for 2 concepts:

Gourmet charcuterie for catering.
CANPORK works hard to form alliances with catering professionals.
To do so, it designs the best formats for its high-end, exclusive charcuterie products with unique flavours on the market. It helps chefs transform the use of traditional charcuterie products in the kitchen, with a select and original product range. The innovation and originality of the flavours offered by the CANPORK range of charcuterie products is complemented by the efforts made to save time and work for caterers in their daily lives, as well as allowing them to surprise their customers with a wide range of gourmet charcuterie products.

Personalised service
CANPORK is right by the professional’s side with the Horeca channel to find appropriate solutions which satisfy them at all times.
At CANPORK, we listen to everything you have to say and we counsel and advise you about what products to acquire and how to prepare them.
Unique products
CanPork only offers gourmet products with its innovative delicatessen selection which fascinates people with its originality and flavour: from botifarra with roses to all kinds of flavoured mini fuets; and it is continually evolving.

Gourmet charcuterie for retail.
For the end consumer, CANPORK has made-to-measure solutions with a very specific line of products which are expanding and adapt to the tastes of the general public.
It offers a well defined and unique packaging style, which is bright and colourful and grabs the attention of customers in the retail sector, who will end being captivated by the different flavours of the products within.
We also play with the product range, the foundation of which is cured meats, but other products have also been added on a regular basis, including both seasonal and year-round products. All of this follows the habits of the demanding consumer who seeks quality, innovation and originality.

Product signage
CANPORK provides support to sales outlets with graphical signs to incentivise sales and present its products.
Stoppers and price markers
Small but extremely effective items for getting the customer’s attention.
Recipe cards
The CANPORK experience continues at home in the kitchen, aided by these customer support items.

We innovate

focussed on innovating on traditional charcuterie products


Cured: mozzarella mini fuets, truffle mini fuets, iberic ham sticks, peperoncini mini fuets, longaniza with truffles, wasabi mini fuets, chorizo and mango mini fuets, soy mini fuets, mini fuets with roses.
Cooked: white botifarra with foie gras, white botifarra with mozzarella and oregano, white botifarra with courgettes and onions, mini catalana botifarra with mozzarella, catalana bisbe botifarra, Perol botifarra, egg botifarra with foie gras, egg botifarra with philadelphia, egg botifarra with potatoes, onions and truffles, egg botifarra with caramelised onions, egg botifarra with peppers, carnival stuffed peltruc.
Fresh: fresh masked Spanish sausage, fresh Spanish sausage with foie gras and quince, fresh Spanish sausage with wild mushrooms and truffles, fresh Spanish sausage with sobrassada and honey, fresh Spanish, sausage with rose petals, fresh ham Spanish sausage, fresh Spanish sausage with oxtail, fresh Christmas Spanish sausage.


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